In 1932, the Dutch Christian Student Association (NCSV) started using the stylish main building of the Woudschoten estate as a conference centre. The NCSV was an organisation that provided students looking for more depth to their studies with conferences and summer camps about relevant topics.

Woudschoten Foundation

The main goal of the Woudschoten Foundation is to preserve the Woudschoten estate. To ensure longterm financing, the foundation invested in the main building of the conference centre by creating a beautiful new wing. Close attention is also paid to the management of the forest and grounds.

A second objective is the “initiation and facilitation of activities to wich the meaning and foundation of responsible action in a responsible environment is central”. In other words, the Woudschoten Foundation supports activities the make the world a better place. It primarily focusses on young people, more specifically young adults in education.

The Woudschoten Foundation supports some of the following goals:
Stichting Giving Back