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Woudschoten always has Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a spearhead. Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue received the Golden Green Key certificate and met the highest requirements of this international quality mark in the category hotels and conference centers in one go. GREEN KEY is the international quality mark for environmentally conscious companies in the tourism and recreation sector.


Director Hans van Pelt about awarding the Golden Green Key classification: “The golden classification is a crown on our work in recent years. It guarantees that CSR (corporate social responsibility) plays a central role in our business operations and ensures that our guests can meet in a sustainable environment in a sustainable environment. In addition to the usual savings measures, we pay particular attention to sustainable forest management and charities. “


Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Center has a historic water tower. During the construction of Woudschoten water was found at great depth, which turned out not to be iron-free. For that reason, a complete deferrization installation has been installed in the tower. Today, the water tower is still used to care for the irrigation of the estate.


The profits of Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Center are partly invested in sustainable forest management. This is laid down in a forest management plan. This contains all information and objectives about the flora and fauna of the forest. All hiking trails have been diverted and lie along areas where interesting flora and fauna is present, in order to bring you into contact with nature as a guest. In the log cabin at the lounge there is an information center about the estate Woudschoten.


All permanent employees receive instructions in the field of sustainability and environmental awareness. These instructions include, among other things, reducing the water consumption, switching off lights and music if they are switched on unnecessarily and double-sided printing.


With a CSR sticker it is advised to use the towels several times.


When cleaning the rooms and general areas, use is made of microfibre cloths. This has significantly reduced the use of cleaning products. The agents used are environmentally friendly and do not contain chlorine, ammonia, phosphates or sulphates and less than 5% nonionic substances.


Woudschoten uses paper with an FSC and ECF quality mark. In addition, we strive to double-sided printing and, as much as possible, digitally sending information to a 20% reduction in paper consumption. Paper is collected separately.


The residual waste and glass are stored in molok containers. These are underground containers, making the collection and storage more efficient and hygienic and giving bad smells less chance to spread. In addition to separating residual waste and glass, cartridges are collected separately and there are clicks for the organic waste from the kitchen. The bulk plastic of the linen department is also collected separately and recycled by the waste service provider in order to be able to serve as new energy and / or raw materials.


At every meal of the day there is the opportunity to introduce the guest to organic products. This is achieved by offering organic items at breakfast, lunch and dinner and a biological snack item. On the menu of the dinner there is a choice of a biological dish for every starter, main course and dessert. The use of mono packaging is avoided as much as possible.


Anti-draft measures have been taken at external doors by placing drangers and using a draft lock. In addition, we recover heat from the air with the aid of a technical installation and the ventilation can be adjusted from the technical rooms as required. Woudschoten also has an energy switching system to regulate the heating as required. The energy consumption of cooling and freezing furniture and air conditioning is limited as much as possible by performing maintenance and management in the correct manner.


Woudschoten has 14 charging points. You can find them on P3. For a small fee you can charge your electric car here.


Woudschoten strives for as many green business partners as possible. Sustainable purchasing is part of this; This means that besides price and quality we also look at the environmental and social aspects of the products and services to be purchased.


A logo has been developed that is used to indicate where Woudschoten considers the environment. This logo is used inter alia in the footer in e-mails, on the sticker on the mirror for the towels and on the menus to indicate that it is biologically or environmentally responsible. The environmental logo is central to the ‘green’ Woudschoten.

Inspiring natural environment
Centrally located in The Netherlands
Good accessibility nearby A28 and A12 highway , 46 minutes by car from airport
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