In 1932, the Dutch Christian Student Association NCSV started using the stylish main building of the Woudschoten estate as a conference centre. The NCSV was an organization that provided students looking for more depth to their studies with conferences and summer camps about relevant topics. Today, the NCSV no longer exists, however the Woudschoten Foundation (once part of NCSV) still owns the Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Centre buildings.

Maintenance of Woudschoten

One goal of the Woudschoten Foundation is the preservation of the Woudschouten estate. To ensure long-term financing, the foundation invested in the main building of the conference centre by creating a beautiful new wing. Close attention is also paid to the management of the forest and grounds.

Making the world a better place

A second objective is the ‘initiation and facilitation of activities to which the meaning and foundation of responsible action in a responsible environment is central’. In other words, the Woudschoten Foundation supports activities that make the world a better place. It primarily focuses on young people, more specifically young adults in education.


The Woudschoten Foundation supports the following charities. Do you represent a charity that the Woudschoten Foundation could support? Please send us an email with motivation and financial information to The Woudschoten Foundation receives many requests and selects its charities with a critical eye. To qualify, applications must closely meet the Foundation’s requirements and be related to young adults in the Netherlands.


Stichting Giving Back

The Giving Back Foundation supports talented and ambitious students who have fewer opportunities due to their background. With the foundation’s extra support they can exploit their potential. The aim is for the students to take on a successful role within society.


The Oikos Foundation is an ecumenical organization of which the Woudschoten Foundation supports its OikosXplore youth program. OikosXplore actively involves young people and students with issues such as fair trade, cultural differences, debt, social responsibility, meaning, and sustainable development.

Vrije Hogeschool

The Bernard Lievegoed College for Liberal Arts (BLC) of the Vrije Hogeschool (Free School), focuses on students who, after high school, are still looking for answers to fundamental questions. The Vrije Hogeschool helps them decide what to study after high school so that they can make an optimal start in higher education. The BLC also offers a ‘deepening and broadening’ minor to students of the University of Utrecht.

Prof. Goud

Prof. dr. Johan F. Goud is a professor of philosophical theology at the University of Utrecht and Remonstrants preacher in The Hague. On September 1, 2009, he was appointed ‘Professor of Religion and Meaning in Literature and Art’ in Utrecht.