meetings in a sustainable environment

Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Centre’s main focus is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In recent months, several steps have been taken to achieve our target: the Green Key certificate. Having finally achieved this, with the highest possible result. Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Centre was presented with the Golden Green Key certificate by Erik van Dijk (director of the KMVK Foundation) in August and immediately met the highest requirements of this international certification in the category ‘hotels and conference centres’.

Click here for an inspiring video: why companies place great importance on corporate social responsibility

green key

The Green Key is the number one international certification for companies in the tourism and recreational sector that take environmental management seriously. The Green Key guarantees a company’s greater contribution to a clean environment than legislation officially requires. The Green Key is a means to communicate the environmentally conscious image of a company to guests, governments, and business partners. Every year, the requirements will be re-evaluated. In 2014, Woudschoten obtained the Golden certificate once more.

Click here for the environmental policy statement.

electric charging points

Electric vehicles are the future. Electricity is clean, quiet and durable. Guests at Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Centre can confidently visit their meetings in electric cars. The parking lot includes two charging points where cars can be quickly and safely charged. The installation of these charging points fits within our service and Social Corporate Responsibility policy.


Residual waste and glass are stored in molok containers. These are underground containers that allow for a more efficient and hygienic collection of waste. Furthermore, thanks to these containers bad odours will also have less chance to spread. In addition to the separation of waste and glass, cartridges are separately collected and wheelie bins are used for organic kitchen waste. The bulk of plastic and linen are also separately collected or recycled by the waste service provider to then be used as new energy and/or raw materials.

bio bus

CO2 neutral “Green” taxi buses transport passengers from the Driebergen-Zeist station to various conference centres in the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. Guests of Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Centre can also use these environmentally friendly shuttle buses (running on biogas.) Using the website you can easily book a seat in a green minibus

business partners

Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Centre strives to work with as many green business partners as possible. Sustainable procurement is part of this. This means that, in addition to price and quality, we are also considering environmental and social aspects when purchasing products and services.

sustainable forestry

A portion of Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Centre’s profits is invested in sustainable forest management. This is stipulated in a forest management plan, which contains all information and objectives related to the flora and fauna of the forest. All walking paths have been relocated and are situated along areas with interesting flora and fauna in order to put our guests in touch with nature. The log cabin near the lounge has been set up as an information centre about the Woudschoten estate.

sustainable procurement

At Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Centre we strive for a sustainable procurement policy that also stimulates the market to take on a more innovative and sustainable approach to procurement. We do this by making conscious decisions for every purchase by examining the entire lifecycle of a product from beginning to end and favouring fair-trade, bio-certified, and/or local products. Click here for more information

energy efficient

We have taken anti-draft measures near the external doors by placing door-closers and using an airlock. In addition, we regain heat from air thanks to our technical installation and the ventilation settings can always be adjusted in the technical rooms. Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Centre also features a power circuitry to adjust the heating when desired. The energy consumption of refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioning is minimized as much as possible thanks to adequate maintenance and management.

csr staff

Woudschoten encourages its employees to engage in social activities and events in the Zeist area. For example, the Service Department has been involved with children’s farm De Brink in Zeist, the Booking Department has performed various tasks at Abrona in Huis ter Heide, and the Housekeeping Department has cooked for the homeless shelter NOIZ in Utrecht. We have cycled and walked with the children of Bartimeus and, as icing on the cake, have prepared lunch for the Donkey Society open day.


Corporate Social Responsibility means operating in such a way that the company is closely involved with society at large. In terms of CSR, Woudschoten undertakes some of the following activities:

  • Institutions for people with mild disabilities

    Woudschoten currently employs a number of people from this institution.

  • Samen voor Zeist

    Samen voor Zeist (Together for Zeist) connects businesses, social organisations, and municipalities in concrete projects with a social significance and that are profitable for all parties involved. In this way, we at Woudschoten contribute to a cohesive society. Partners of Samen voor Zeist show commitment to their own living and working environment by investing in the local area. Click here for an introduction video

  • De Meerklank

    The Meerklank is a school for special and secondary education. Various students are currently active in internships at Woudschoten to develop their skills and professional attitudes in a practical environment. Through their experiences, they will be able to make better decisions in the future.


We are happy to introduce our guests to organic products during any meal throughout the day. For example, we offer organic products during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including a organic snack. The dinner menu includes organic dishes for any starter, main course, and dessert. Furthermore, we try to avoid using mono packaging as much as possible.

environmentally conscious staff

All our permanent employees receive instructions in the areas of sustainability and environmental performance. These instructions include the reduction of water consumption, turning off lights and music when not required, and double-sided printing.


Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Centre uses paper with an FSC and ECF label. In addition, by printing double-sided and sending as much information digitally as possible, we strive for a 20% reduction in paper consumption. Paper is collected separately.


When cleaning rooms and public areas we always use microfibre cloths. As a result, the use of detergents has been significantly reduced. The cleaning products we use are environmentally friendly and contain no chlorine, ammonia, phosphates, or sulphates and less than 5% non-ionic substances. As for the linen, using CSR stickers, we advise our guests to use the towels multiple times.

water tower

Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Centre features a historic water tower. During the construction of Woudschoten, deep water was found that appeared not to be iron-free. For this reason, a complete iron removal installation was constructed in the tower. The water tower is still used today for the irrigation of the estate.

woudschoten csr logo

We have created a logo that indicates when Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Centre takes the environment into account. For example, this logo is used in the footer of emails, on the sticker on the mirror in front of the towels, and on the menus to indicate which dishes are organic or environmentally conscious. The environmental logo stands for a ‘green’ Woudschoten.