Allow us to treat you during your conference at Woudschoten! Our chef and his team work hard all day to present you with the most delicious food and drinks. For example, we also offer an extensive lunch buffet that consists of homemade soup, several warm lunch additions, fresh bread rolls and (sweet) toppings. We can also prepare a small lunch in the lobby.

At the end of the day you can enjoy some delicious (alcoholic) beverages in our bar – with room for up to 300 people! Not only that, you can also enjoy a full dinner. For groups with more than 50 people we will create a menu selection together with you. Naturally, we will take care of everything and meet all your personal needs.

Business Event breaks

Reception with a luxurious delicacy

You may choose from:
large muffins
homemade apple turnover
seasonal products

€ 2,75 p.p.


conference break: 1 warme/koude snack met 1 frisdrank
luxury conference break: 3 warme/koude snacks met 1 frisdrank

choice of:
wrap with carpaccio, arugula, truffle mayonnaise, Parmesan and dried tomato
wrap with salmon, wasabi, cucumber and lettuce
quiche of leek and courgette
panini with tomato, mozzarella, basil and pesto
lamachum filled with tomato, cucumber and lettuce
puff sausage roll
puff cheese roll
sausage roll
yakitori sate 2 p.p.
thai chicken cigar with chili sauce 2 p.p.

€ 5,50 p.p.
€ 11,50 p.p.

Drinks Packages

drink package (1 hour): 3 snacks + Dutch assortment of (alcoholic) drinks
luxurious drinks package (1 hour): 6 snacks + Dutch assortment of (alcoholic) drinks

Choice of:
puff Rijn IJssel beef sausage roll
wrap with salmon, wasabi, cucumber and lettuce
wrap met carpaccio, arugula, truffle mayonnaise, Parmesan and dried tomato
crostini with herb cheese and radish
stuffed peppersweet in tempura
bitterballen (savoury Dutch meat-based snack) 2 p.p.
mini cheese soufflé 2 p.p.
cheese from Gouda 2 p.p.
salami 2 p.p.
portion of olives
portion of nuts

€ 12,75 p.p.
€ 18,00 p.p.




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