Woudschoten and the KNVB are working on a KNVB Campus

The grounds of the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Accociation) in Zeist are currently busy with the construction of the KNVB Campus. At the basis of this Campus are completely new, modern training facilities, The Association Office, The Football Medical Centre and several sports fields. Furthermore, in collaboration with Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Centre, a Training Centre and Team Hotel will be developed that will open by September 1, 2016.


Besides the new buildings, the KNVB Campus aims to become the number one place where players, coaches, scientists and businesses come together to work together on the future of Dutch football. After all, by working together closely we can create fresh new ideas. And of course, we hope to do even better at international tournaments!

Everyone is welcome at the KNVB Campus!

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