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Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue is centrally located and has a very large private estate. Between all this greenery we offer good facilities in a very well-kept accommodation that is ideal for one or multi-day meetings.

Respect for the privacy of (potential) customers is the starting point for Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue in all its activities. Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue will only process your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Statement and the applicable data protection legislation. This Privacy Statement describes the data processing by Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue and your rights in connection therewith.

Why does Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue collect and use your personal data?
We use stored information about you for different purposes. Your personal information can be used in the following ways:

Reservations: first of all, we use your personal data to complete and manage your online reservation, which is of course the essence of our company!

Marketing purposes: we use your data for marketing purposes. This includes, among other things:
Use your contact details to send you regular information about related products and services. You can unsubscribe from e-mail marketing messages quickly, easily and at any time – just click on the ‘unsubscribe from this list’ link at the bottom of each newsletter.

Based on your information, personalized offers can be shown to you on the website and in the mobile apps of Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue and on websites and in the apps of third parties (including social media websites) and the content of the website that can be delivered to you. shown, are personalized. These may be offers that can be booked directly on our site or on websites of intermediaries, or offers or products from third parties that we think may interest you.

If you participate in other promotions (such as competitions, referring friends or competitions), the relevant details are used to manage these promotions.

Contact with you: we can also contact each other at other times, including by e-mail, by mail, by telephone or via SMS. The method depends on the contact information you previously shared with us.

We process the communication you have with us. This can be for a number of reasons, including:

Responding to and processing requests that you or your travel provider have made.
If you have not yet completed a reservation, we may contact you with a reminder to continue with your reservation. This additional service may have benefits for you because you can complete your reservation without having to search the travel provider again or re-enter your details.

When you use our services we can send you a survey or invite you to leave a review about your experience with Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue or the travel provider.
We will also send you other messages related to your reservation, such as how to contact Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue if you need assistance while you are on the road, and other information that we think might be helpful to you when planning. or to make the most of your trip. We can also send you material that is related to upcoming reservations.

Even if you do not have an upcoming reservation, we can send you other administrative messages that contain security warnings, for example.

Market research: sometimes we ask our guests to participate in a market survey. You can consult the information you are provided when you are invited to participate, so that you understand what personal data is collected and how your personal data are further used.

Promoting safe and reliable service: to create a reliable environment for you, your fellow travelers, the business partners of Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue and our travel providers, we use personal data for the detection and prevention of fraud and other illegal or undesirable activities. In the same way, we use personal data for risk assessment and safety purposes, including the authentication of users and reservations. For such purposes, it may be necessary for us to withhold or suspend certain reservations until we have completed our assessment.

Improving our services: we also use personal data for analytical purposes. This is part of our commitment to improve our services and user experiences, but it can also be used for testing purposes, problem solving and improving the functionality and quality of our services. The main goal is to optimize our online platform and adapt it to your wishes and make our website easier and more pleasant to use.

We strive to use only pseudonymised data for these analytical purposes.
Guest reviews and other destination-related information: during and after your trip you book through us, you may be invited to leave a review. We can also invite your fellow travelers or travelers for whom you have booked to write a review. For this invitation, information is requested about the travel provider or the destination.

Phone calls with our team can be tracked live or recorded for quality controls and training purposes, including the use of recordings for claims processing and fraud detection. The recordings are saved and automatically deleted after a certain period of time, unless Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue has a legitimate interest to keep such recordings for a longer period, including fraud investigation and legal purposes.

Legal Purposes: Finally, in some cases we have to use your data to settle and resolve legal disputes, for regulatory inquiries and compliance, to comply with the conditions of use of the Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue reservation system, or to comply with the legitimate requests from law enforcement authorities.

How does Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue share your information with third parties?

In certain circumstances we share your information with third parties.

Third-party services: we use third-party services to process your data on our behalf. This has various purposes, including sending marketing material or validating the correctness of the e-mail address you provided during the reservation process. External service providers have a duty of confidentiality and they are not permitted to use your personal data for purposes other than those instructed by Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue.

Payment services and (other) financial institutions: if a refund has been requested for your Reservation by you or the credit card holder, we need to share certain reservation details with the payment service and the relevant financial institutions to handle the reimbursement. A copy of the booking confirmation or of the IP address with which the reservation is made can also be sent. We may share information with the relevant financial institutions if we deem it necessary for fraud detection and prevention purposes.

Authorities: we pass on personal data to law enforcement to the extent that it is legally required, or strictly necessary for the prevention, detection and prosecution of criminal offenses and fraud, or if we are otherwise legally obliged to do so. We may also pass on personal data to authorities to protect our rights and property, or the rights and property of our business partners.

Business partners: we work together with business partners. These business partners distribute or advertise the services of Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue.

If you make a reservation through a website or app of one of our business partners, certain personal information that you provide to them, such as your name and e-mail address, your address, your payment details and other relevant information, will be forwarded to us to make your reservation. to complete and manage.

If you make a reservation through the website of one of our business partners, the business partner may also receive certain information related to that reservation, such as your name and e-mail address. This is for their own internal purposes (such as analytical purposes) and, if requested, for the management of loyalty programs, or marketing purposes.

If you make a reservation on the website of one of our business partners, please take the time to read their privacy statement if you want to understand how these business partners can process your personal data. For fraud detection and prevention purposes and if strictly necessary, we can also exchange information about our users with our business partners.

Advertising partners: we share personal information, including your e-mail address, with advertising partners as part of the marketing of the Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue via third parties (to ensure that relevant advertisements are shown to the right audience). We aim to only share email addresses in a pseudonymized form to enable the linking of your email address to an existing customer base, so that your email address can not be used for other purposes. For more information on personalized ads and your choices read “How are cookies used?” and “What are your choices?” in our Cookie Statement.

Which safety procedures does Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue use to guarantee your personal data?

In accordance with European data protection legislation, we have solid procedures to prevent unauthorized access to and abuse of personal data.

We use appropriate business systems and procedures to protect the personal information you give us. We also use security procedures and technical and physical limitations to access the personal information on our servers. Only authorized personnel have access to personal information if this is necessary for their work.

How does Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue deal with the personal details of children?

The services offered by Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue are not intended for children under the age of 18. The use of any of our services is only permitted with the explicit consent of a parent or guardian. If we receive information from someone under the age of 18, we reserve the right to delete it. In a limited number of cases, as part of a reservation, purchase or other travel-related services or in exceptional other circumstances (such as services directed to families) Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue may collect and use children’s data only with the permission of the parent.

How can you manage the personal data you have given to Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue?

You have the right to receive an overview of and information about the origin of your personal data. You also have the right to request Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue to update, correct or delete the personal data if these data are incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, or if they are in violation of laws and regulations. You can contact Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue in writing by e-mail. You also have the right to object free of charge if you do not appreciate information about our products and services that we may send you from time to time. To do this you can send an e-mail to the part of Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue with which you do business or use the address that you find in our mailings.

Cookies for management information

Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue collects information with the help of cookies on its website. These are small text files that are automatically placed on your computer by a website. The data collected with the help of those cookies are used to improve the technical accuracy of the various internet pages and to make this website better suited to the needs and wishes of the user. If you want to disable cookies, you can turn off automatic acceptance in your browser settings. Disabling cookies may affect the functionality of our website. You will find more information about the collection of data via our website

Modification of the Privacy Statement

Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Venue can change and update this Privacy Statement. We advise you to read the statement regularly to keep abreast of those changes.

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