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Dear guest,

Due to the measures announced about COVID19 on December 14 in the Netherlands, we are unfortunately forced to close Woudschoten.
We believe that with the imposed restrictions we cannot offer the quality and hospitality that you are used to.

We hope to be able to bring more positive news after the press conference on January 12. If you have a reservation with us in the coming period, we will contact you.

We wish you much strength and health in the coming period.

With best regards,
Team Woudschoten

We would like to inform you of the measures we have taken regarding the Corona virus. Below you will find the main control measures with which we want to minimize expansion and contamination within Woudschoten as much as possible.

Woudschoten conforms to the guidelines of the National Institute for Public Health regarding personal hygiene and social distaning, as long as these are prescribed.

  • In all public areas social distancing regulations are installed. Here in Holland staying 1,5 metres apart is always the norm.
  • Upon arrival, a check will be done on your health by means of a short questionnaire
  • Please wait at the green social distancing dots. Our colleagues will be happy to help you.
  • Please use the toilet in your room as much as possible.
  • Disinfectant gel and boxes of tissues are present throughout the building.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in an adapted form in an environment where social distancing is as much as possible guaranteed, as well as the health of the guest and employee.
  • No alcohol will be served at our location from 8 pm.
  • The cleaning protocol of the hotel rooms can be found in your room. Do you want to read it carefully so that you know what to expect?
  • Our housekeeping department works with an adapted cleaning protocol and regularly cleans all banisters, door handles, push buttons, lift buttons, tables and counters.
  • All employees have been informed about symptoms of the Corona virus and an adapted sickness reporting procedure is installed.
  • Managers have received additional instruction in the context of reporting sick.
  • Employees are instructed in personal precautions, including regulary washing hands with disinfectant soap, to ensure additional cleaning and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Within Woudschoten, the legal face masking obligation applies.

You can of course contact one of our receptionists for additional information or a personal explanation.

We wish you a pleasant and carefree stay.

With best regards,
Team Woudschoten

Inspiring natural environment
Centrally located in The Netherlands
Good accessibility nearby A28 and A12 highway , 46 minutes by car from airport
Multifunctional location
High level of customer service
Clear prices - all inclusive meeting packages
Free highspeed WiFi
Free parking

Woudenbergseweg 54
3707 HX Zeist
0343 - 492 492