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Archery, fencing and other team building activities in Zeist

Woudschoten offers a number of teambuilding activities on our own estate in the environs of Zeist. Read on to find out which activity would suit you and your team.

Archery for team building

Challenge yourself and your team to try out a completely new skill in this one-hour outdoor break, as you compete in two equally matched groups for sporting honours on the archery field. You will learn the basics of archery during the session. Will your team maintain its concentration and keep a steady hand under pressure, or will your focus let you down in this team sports event?

During the archery session:

  • You will learn about the history of archery, as well as different bows and techniques
  • You will be able to practise and improve your technique
  • You will take part in a competition with team or individual points and a grand final
  • You will be introduced to different bows, such as the barebow, compound bow and recurve bow
  • A crossbow is available for participants with a disability

Getting fit on the trim trail

Want to include a fitness or exercise session with your team as part of your meeting or training course? Or just want to switch off and relax? A great way to do that is by incorporating a run into your schedule. You will find a trail through the beautiful grounds of the Woudschoten estate, with 10 different fitness stations along the route. The exercise equipment, made of sustainable materials, make for the perfect work-out during an intensive training course or meeting. It’s fun to do alone, but also a great way to encourage and support one another as a team!

Exploring with a Segway tour

Fancy seeing our estate from a different angle? Then why not try a Segway tour?! A Segway travels forward when you shift your body weight. Riding a Segway is great fun and extraordinary. Take a Segway tour and explore the beautiful natural surroundings of Woudschoten on the world’s first electric self-balancing vehicles. Although it might look tricky, riding a Segway is easy to learn, dynamic and incredibly fun!

Segway riding is also perfect for larger groups. You can compete in various sections, such as follow the rope, mega 4 in a row, over the bridge and disco wave.

Segway Team Training

Are you looking for an original activity where communication, working as a team and trust are key? Then the Segway Team Training could be just what you’re looking for! How the team training works:

  • The group splits into two teams who have to complete a task correctly in order to acquire a map showing a number of checkpoints.
  • To get to the checkpoints, there is a Segway ready for everyone. All the team members are instructed in how to ride their Segway safely by an instructor before heading off for the first checkpoint.
  • At each checkpoint, the participants get details of a new part of the route and the materials they need for the final task.
  • Having completed the final task, it’s time for a well-deserved celebration!

Have a go at Haka

The Haka workshop has a great deal to offer as a teambuilding activity. The unique location of the workshop – in the middle of the forest – adds an even greater sense of occasion. So, what is Haka? ‘Haka’ means ‘dance’ and is part of the tradition of the Maori people of New Zealand. Haka is an expression of outer as well as inner strength, and involves using both the voice and the body. The whole body is used to clearly set a goal both individually and together with the group. During the workshop, the participants learn to think, act and be successful as part of a close-knit team in a very short period of time. Find out how team energy can be generated and applied to achieve business goals.

Different types of Haka

There are many types of Haka. The Haka dance came to prominence through the New Zealand rugby team, the All Blacks. They use Haka as an expression of strength and courage, with the aim of intimidating their opponents before the game. During the workshop, teams will be taught an easy-to-learn Haka that generates huge collective energy. In doing so, participants go through a teambuilding process where the Haka helps to build an efficient and successful team. Expect the unexpected in this energetic and entertaining workshop!

Herding as team building experience

Working with Border Collies under professional guidance, herding sheep is not only fun, it also helps hone your employees’ communication skills.

About this activity:

  • A safe situation to explore communication, leadership and teambuilding in an unusual context that perfectly exemplifies these concepts.
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication with the dogs and the sheep
  • Everyone gets to try their hand at herding in turn
  • The sheep perfectly mirror the signals given out by the participants!
  • Special final activity

Walk with a forest ranger

Interested to know more about the flora and fauna on our estate? Our very own forest ranger, Erik, is the best person to let you into the forest’s secrets. Erik lives on the estate and is an expert on the plants and animals that call it their home. Why not incorporate an inspiring break into your meeting and take a unique walk through the magnificent surroundings of our estate, learning about its natural riches from our forest ranger as you go. After the walk, you and your group are sure to return refreshed to your training course or meeting!

Fencing workshop

One for all and all for one! Fencing, or swordfighting, is a unique experience. It’s a great skill to try out and can be effectively used for team training. What is your duelling style? Are you offensively or defensively minded? Discover hidden and unexpected qualities in this enjoyable fencing workshop.

  • Introduction with history of the sport
  • Explanation of the different disciplines and weapons
  • Start with the footwork before raising your weapon (en garde!)
  • Learn the basic foot passes, attack, defence and duelling
  • Includes foil, gloves, mask and chest protector

The fencing workshop can be focused around a specific theme. Themes that could be addressed in the workshop include:

  • Teambuilding
  • Respect
  • Leading or being led
  • Personal effectiveness in negotiations
  • Dealing with pressure

Bespoke team building options


Would you like more information about the possibilities? Combine a meeting or training with team building? Or, do you have another question? We are happy to discuss your individual needs. Feel free to contact us without obligation!